turnover // sasha

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I just melted.

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i can never do the things i need to do until the very last minute smh

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"Representing Manhattan, or more specifically, 139 Lenox, Harlem USA, is 19-year-old Big L, a lyrical terrorist, whose debut is sure to put him in the same class as the next school of dope MC’s.”
“A lot of labels didn’t want to sign me at first,” Big L recalls. “I was about ready to give up cause I was like ‘damn, I don’t understand.’ I knew I was better than 99% of the rappers that are signed.”
- from Big L's original 1995 press Kit before ‘Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous’.

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having a million dollars would improve my life by 100%

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An elegant meal for one, tonight.

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lol whut

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